Accelerate the Engineering Process with 3D Printers

Get to Market Faster with Rapid Prototyping
3D printers eliminate barriers associated with traditional manufacturing. These improvements in efficiencies allow for agile design and engineering, where last minute design changes make a big impact down the line, not on production timeline.

The Freedom to Innovate, Anytime
3D printing technology lets engineers and designers quickly design, print and optimize multiple prototypes in a fraction of the time, at any point in the manufacturing process. This is because direct digital manufacturing (DDM) eliminates the hassle of custom tooling, cutting out what is traditionally several rounds of tooling production and expense for each design change. Plus, 3D printed prototypes have the same properties and characteristics of the desired end product, so engineers can test and correct with confidence.

CAD software, combined with the power of specialized 3D mice, enable the easy and efficient manipulation of 3D files to perfect products faster. Unlike traditional manufacturing, 3D printing is not constrained by design complexity and does not require additional cost for more complex objects. With 3D printing, complexity is free.  In fact, it’s often possible to replace several individual machined parts with one 3D printed part. No final assembly required.

Stimulating Innovation
The bottom line is 3D printing allows for product design changes to be made at any point in the engineering process saving valuable time and money. This, combined with the increased level of complexity the additive process allows engineers to achieve for parts, encourages a greater level of product innovation by minimizing risk and removing design barriers.