RFID Readers for Enhanced Inventory Management

RFID readers are used to quickly and accurate track business inventory and assets. The readers communicate with RFID tags, which send and store data, for up-to-the-minute data management.

ScanSource POS and Barcode offers resellers powerful RFID readers manufactured by innovative leaders in data collection technology. Let our sales reps help you determine if RFID readers could provide value for your customers and help you grow your business offerings.

Find Rugged RFID Readers and Scanners

RFID readers, often built into commonly used AIDC devices, like mobile computers and in-vehicle computers, use wireless technology to communicate with RFID tags or chips, embedded in or placed on inventory and assets. Fixed-mount RFID readers are often found at intermodal facilities for high-volume, fast-paced tag scanning.

If integrated properly into current data collection management systems, RFID readers create a cost-effective and scalable solutions for improved ROI. These readers, unlike traditional barcode scanners, do not require a direct line of sight for the scanner to read the tag, providing extremely efficient and fast-paced scanning capabilities.

Specialized RFID reader features include:

  • Factory configurations to operate in regions across the globe
  • Advanced wireless technologies for time stamp and location coding for enhanced asset visibility
  • IP30 certification for hazardous environments
  • Omnidirectional technology for faster and more accurate scanning without the need for direct tag to reader positioning

How RFID Readers Work

When an RFID reader needs information from an RFID chip or tag, it will send radio-frequency identification signals to the RFID chip, otherwise known as “interrogation” signals.  Once an RFID chip receives the message, it will return communication over radio waves, which is then decoded by the RFID reader.

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  • Datalogic RFID Readers

    Datalogic RFID Readers

    Alien ALH 9000/9001

    The Alien Technology® enterprise-level ALH-90xx family of “connected” handheld readers enables users to deploy manageable, robust, best-in-class EPC Gen 2 RFID solutions for supply chain, manufacturi

    Alien ALR-9650

    Alien® ALR-9650 combines reader and circular polarized antenna into a single, simple-to-use, inexpensive and low-profile solution. A second antenna port enables 2-antenna applications.

  • Alien ALR-9680

    Robust yet fits narrow vertical locations. Easy to set up an deploy, no additional costly controllers, less maintenance and overhead

    Alien ALR-9900

    Alien® ALR-9900+ enables users to deploy best-in-class EPC Gen 2 RFID solutions for supply chain, manufacturing and asset management applications.

    Alien ALR-F800

    Featuring a new fifth-generation reader architecture that intelligently adapts and configures based on its environment, the ALR-F800 provides the industry’s best Power over Ethernet (PoE) transmit po

  • Alien ALR-H450

    Alien's Best in class…. Everything! Android "Connected" Handheld. Ergonomic design provides superior user comfort and use. Alien H450 handheld reader delivers exceptional performance, enables user

    Bluebird RFR900 RFID Reader

    The RFR900 is a long-range RFID reader made in a pistol grip shape to ensure a fast and high recognition rate. Bluebird RFID reader solution provides competitive and powerful functionalities to keep

    Intermec IF2 Network RFID Reader

    The IF2 Network RFID Reader offers advanced performance in a compact, cost-effective design. The IF2 lowers the deployment cost of passive UHF asset tracking and inventory management applications for

  • Intermec IF4 Fixed RFID Reader

    Joining a diversified line of RFID readers, the Intermec Intellitag IF4 serial reader is the ideal RFID peripheral for applications where an edge server or Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is used

    Intermec IF61 Enterprise RFID Smart Reader

    The Intermec IF61 smart reader is a powerful combination of reader and network appliance for running RFID applications, delivering faster processing and localized intelligence. Applications written i

    Intermec IP30 Handheld RFID Reader

    The Intermec IP30 add-on passive UHF RFID handle is a cost-effective, compact, EPCglobal-certified solution for adding mobile RFID read/write capability to Intermec’s latest generation of mobile comp