Currently, you can purchase services from ScanSource for your Toshiba hardware, to upgrade initial warranty or post-warranty maintenance via two service offerings from Toshiba called ServicePac and ServiceElite.

Process to order a ServicePac warranty upgrade
or post-warranty ServicePac
  • Review available ServicePacs online here.
  • Provide your ScanSource sales rep with ServicePac skewed part number and quantity needed, along with your purchase order information.
  • ScanSource will place your order with Toshiba and email activation instructions within three business days.
  • Activate your ServicePac(s) online and receive confirmation back from Toshiba upon successful entitlement

Process of a ServiceElite maintenance contract
  • Quote
    • Request quote by completing the Maintenance Quote Form
    • Receive a quote via e-mail within two business days
  • Contract
    • Contact your ScanSource/Toshiba sales rep to request a contract via phone or e-mail, along with supplying your purchase order information
    • Receive a contract completion via email within ten business days from Toshiba
  • Gain commitment and signature of end user
    • Make a copy of all documents
    • Email, fax, or mail signature pages and PO to your ScanSource/Toshiba sales rep at 864.288.4677

Fee Contracts
Fee-based contracts are low administration routes to getting your end users on the Toshiba Maintenance program. The initial quote and contract process will be the same for you, the solution provider, but the invoicing and contract renewal procedures will be very different. With fee-based contracts, Toshiba bills the end user, and through ScanSource, the solution provider receives a "finder’s fee" about five weeks after turning in a signed contract (exact percentages can be obtained from your sales rep). Toshiba will own the end-user relationship from then on, and will contact the end user regarding maintenance contract renewal.

Remarketed Contracts
Remarketed contracts are sold just like hardware in the POS channel. Toshiba sells a contract to ScanSource, who sells it to a solution provider at a discounted rate, who in turn sells it to an end user. The initial process of getting a quote and contract are the same for remarketed and fee contracts. It is the responsibility of the solution provider to invoice the customer and initiate contract renewals at expiration.

General Guidelines

  • Machine must be in good working order at contract start/sign.
  • A contract is not valid without signed and dated signature pages.
  • We cannot backdate a contract for extended maintenance, contract start date will coincide with end-user signature date, which cannot be prior to contract creation date (listed on all pages of contract).
  • For Warranty Upgrade contracts, we can backdate the contract start date up to 45 days in order to coincide with the installation date.
  • When at all possible, we use the ISAT import feature to create extended maintenance contracts, this brings the exact information Toshiba has on their database into the contract and will prevent feature code discrepancies once the BPSO has the contract.
  • If anyone encounters problems placing a service call (800.IBM.SERV) during the Initial Contract Period (ICP), please escalate the call to the National Duty Manager. Please be certain to have all paperwork in order when doing this (copies of signature pages, and schedule for ServiceElite with listing of serial numbers).
  • Please be sure to fill out the name and phone number under the end-user signature; this information is very important and Toshiba will not process a contract without it.

Placing a Service Call: 800.IBM.SERV

BP Hardware Support [PDF]
Warranty Maintenance Brochure [PDF]