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  • MCL Client Version 3

    Control the unique features of each device. Run intelligent, multimodal applications tailored to suit your operational needs.

    MCL Collection Version 3

    Quickly create data capture applications for mobile computers and barcode printers. From design and development through to integration, deployment, management, and eventual forward migration to futur

    MCL Designer Version 3

    MCL-Collection’s main development environment — MCL-Designer — creates intelligent, multimodal applications that run on mobile computers and barcode printers. Designed to create robust, industrial us

  • MCL Hardware Keys Version 3

    USB Hardware Key for MCL Version 3 Licensing between multiple computers.

    MCL Mobility Platform Version 4

    In an age where business are rapidly implementing mobility solutions and are working more often with a dynamic workforce, they are in need for a mobile platform that thinks beyond just mobile device

    MCL Net Version 3

    MCL-Net is the communications server that manages your application’s wireless communications for concurrent users in WiFi and WWAN deployments.

  • MCL Software Bridges

    Whether you have a host database, BackOffice application, Warehouse Management System (WMS), or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, MCL-Collection provides the tools you need to quickly and ea