Delivering the future of mobile technology.

Expand and enhance your business with the future of mobile technology! From tablets and mobile computers to barcode scanners and more, Bluebird offers cutting-edge, high-quality mobility technology to support any industry you are in. Explore the various industry-leading products Bluebird has to offer.

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  • Bluebird RFID Batteries

    Bluebird RFID Batteries

    Bluebird RFID Cables and Adapters

    Bluebird RFID Cables and Adapters

    Blubird Carry & Prot. Acc.

    Blubird Carrying and Protection Accessories

  • Bluebird Batteries

    Spare Batteries for all of your Bluebird Devices

    Bluebird BM180 Mobile Computer

    The BM180 is a touch industrial mobile computer that anyone can operate. It shares the mold of a consumer phone while being filled with indispensable technology. This device has won Red Dot Design an

    Bluebird Cables and Adapters

    Cables and Adapters for your Bluebird devices.

  • Bluebird Chargers/Cradles

    Chargers and Cradles for your Bluebird devices.

    Bluebird EF400 Mobile Computer

    In the industrial world, mobility is the lifeblood. The EF400 is a mission critical, smart, touch mobile computer that brings true mobility, durability and the functionality necessary for daily requi

    Bluebird EF500/EF500R Mobile Computer

    The EF500 is a true masterpiece that captures the essence of the full-touch technology. This mission critical touch mobile computer brings the mobility and ruggedness necessary for industrial use. It

  • Bluebird ET100 Tablet

    The ET100 is a premium enterprise tablet with the mission of fulfilling your industrial demands. With real-time visibility, rapid data processing and seamless payment solutions, the ET100 is fully-lo

    Bluebird HM50 Mobile Computer

    Rugged touch mobile computer, ideal for use in field service, route accounting, transportation, and other applications that require a durable device and high performing bar code scanning.

    Bluebird Power Supplies & Cords

    Bluebird Power Supplies & Cords