3D scanning solutions to change the world!

Artec produces high-quality, professional 3D scanners – available through ScanSource 3D – that work in real time, making them easy to use and extremely versatile.

• The 3D scanners work similarly to a 3D video camera. Simply aim one at the object you want to scan, then move the scanner around the object to create a complete 3D image from all the frames synced together.

• Thanks to their high precision, the 3D scanners produce scans of exceptional quality. There is minimal scanning time, and the 3D scanners can capture a broad range of objects.

• Artec’s 3D scanners are completely safe - using white light - and can therefore also be used to scan people.

• The 3D scanners can be used together with a battery pack, making them totally mobile and great for working in the field.

• Artec 3D scanners can be bundled and synced together to scan one object simultaneously from many angles.

• A mature industrial product, full global support and training are available for the scanners, as well as easy integration and SDK.

• Artec 3D scanners are employed in a broad range of fields - including reverse engineering, medical imaging, archaeology, body scanning, art digitalization, computer animation, prototyping, and anthropology.