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  • APG MultiPRO Interfaces

    APG MultiPRO Interfaces

    APG 1517 Heavy Duty Cash Drawers

    The Series 1517 Compact is the ultimated heavy duty cash drawer, industrial grade steel ball bearing sides ensure effortless perfromance and durability.

    APG Accessories

    APG provides a variety of accessories that improve the flexibility of your cash drawer. APG accessories include tills, till covers and under counter mounting brackets.

  • APG Caddy SP Organizer

    The Cash Drawer Caddy SP is a slim profile POS integration tray that brings easy cable routing and organization to your POS hardware and APG heavy duty cash drawers. With no holes to drill or fastene

    APG Caddy SPM Organizer

    The Caddy™ SPM Organizer now provides additional flexibility by lifting the monitor off of the workstation. It can be positioned to the left or the right, tilted up and down, and raised or lowered to

    APG Cash Drawer Caddy System

    Designed to help bring the POS hardware and equipment of your workstation together, the Cash Drawer Caddy™ System includes a heavy duty drawer, a rugged injection molded Base and a sturdy steel Cap.

  • APG Components & Spare Parts

    Keep cash and keys safe with APG components and spare parts.

    APG CPU Garage

    The rugged and durable Caddy Garage from APG is an ideal accessory for use in POS system environments. Featuring latching front and back access panels, this garage easily accommodates your cabinet a

    APG Flip-Top Cash Drawers

    Tested to last beyond 2 million operations, this heavy duty cash drawer integrates seamlessly into the check lane. The APG Flip-Top Cash Drawer may be integrated into traditional, self-check and mobi

  • APG Interface Cables

    The APG MultiPRO® Interface is designed to take a cash drawer and connect, via a variety of interchangeable cables, to the market’s POS reciept printers and terminals. The detachable cable can be cha

    APG Locks & Keys

    Not sure how to find your lock and/or key number? Get the details.

    APG Mounts & Brackets

    Under Counter Mounting Brackets provide a secure mounting system and free up counter space. Screws for mounting bracket to countertop are not included.