Why You Need an APG Cash Drawer

For more than 35 years, APG has been designing and delivering cash drawers and related products used in a variety of retail environments - including fast food, hospitality, gasoline service stations, grocery, convenience stores, postal, and concessions. A broad range of heavy-duty, standard-duty, and customized cash drawer solutions is offered with a variety of sizing, color, and interface options. Integration products are also available to organize the POS installation into a clean, integrated workstation - along with a variety of accessories to complement your cash drawer.

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POS Jargon

Jargon – curse or blessing? That really depends on how much, and in which context, you use it. No question, jargon can be effective among people who share common interests and knowledge, providing a kind of shorthand that gets the job done without lengthy explanations. But jargon can get in ...... Learn more »

486 Interface Cash Drawer

APG Cash Drawer, LLC introduces two new cash drawer interfaces: the 486 NetPRO® and 854 USB. The 486 NetPRO interface enables the authentication and encryption of communication over LAN at the point-of-sale, and the 854 USB interface supports the power management model of Windows 10 - to conser ...... Learn more »

APG BluePRO Bluetooth

Model 510 Bluetooth Device for a Low-Cost Printer Kick Cash Drawer APG Cash Drawer introduces the BluePRO Bluetooth External Device — the 1st ever Bluetooth enabled cash drawer. BluePRO connects a low-cost, printer-kick cash drawer and pairs it with a mobile device. By creating a one-to-one r ...... Learn more »

Meet the Vasario

The APG Cash Drawer Vasario Series is the cost-effective choice that doesn't sacrifice quality or dependability. APG Cash Drawer Vasario Series Features: Each member of the Vasario Cash Drawer family is competitively priced and includes features found in more expensive cash drawers, such as multif ...... Learn more »