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  • Advantech-DLoG Batteries

    Advantech-DLoG batteries for continuous operation.

    Advantech-DLoG Carry & Protective Accessories

    A wide variety of protecive accessorices enhances the longevity of your Advantech-DLoG devices. Our protective equipment allows operators to move freely without damaging products. Browse around to

    Advantech-DLoG Chargers

    All of the Advantech-DLoG chargers you need in one convenient location!

  • Advantech-DLoG DLT-M8110 Vehicle Mount Terminals

    The DLT-M8110 is a fully rugged detachable vehicle mounted terminal device for warehouse application. It is powered by Intel® ATOM™ E3827 CPU and 4GB DDR3L memory. Built-in are robust Wi-Fi designed

    Advantech-DLoG DLT-V4108

    The DLT-V4108 with integrated keypad is a robust vehicle terminal for efficient work and the best signal transmission in logistics. It ensures a smooth process in the areas of logistics, ports and he

    Advantech-DLoG DLT-V6210 Series

    The logistics terminal DLT-V6210 has been developed for vehicle applications in extremely demanding Environments such as intralogistics and ports. Certified for various regions, the terminal can be u

  • Advantech-DLoG DLT-V72 Series

    The Advantech-DLoG DLT-V72 series (available in 10” and 12”) is developed for every kind of logistics application. The DLT-V72, successor product of MTC 6 series, is the logistics terminal as such wi

    Advantech-DLoG DLT-V7210K

    The DLT-V7210K, with its integrated keyboard, is a robust vehicle terminal for efficient work in logistics. It can be used in both heat and cold conditions, with extremely high and low humidity. The

    Advantech-DLoG Docking Stations

    Docking Stations for your Advantech-DLoG terminals.

  • Advantech-DLoG Extension Kits

    Browse our extension kits.

    Advantech-DLoG Other Accessories

    Browse around for antennas, keyboards, scanners, stylus, terminal mounting brackets, and more!

    Advantech-DLoG Power Adapters

    In the field of mobile and stationary industrial PCs, DLoG has developed their own power supply units in cooperation with leading partners. These units can withstand the most extreme environmental us