APG POS-Integrator System

Price Range: $300.00 - $547.00
A compact foundation for your POS system integration, the POS-Integrator™ provides a solution to the problem of assembling systems and POS equipment on a Series 100 cash drawer. Exploiting the use of a narrow footprint, a riser and printer tray expand the width to accommodate various receipt printers and a full size monitor. Cable management is provided to route and hide peripheral cables.
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    Cash Drawer Caddy System (Series 100, 16 x 19.5 Caddy System and 320 MultiPRO Interface - Cable Required) Call for pricing Details
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    Cash Drawer Caddy System (S4000 Series Cash Drawer, Step Cap and U6 Till) Call for pricing Details
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    S100 Cash Drawer Caddy (320 MultiPRO Interface, 16 Inch x 19 Inch, Base and Flat Cap) - Color: Cloud White Call for pricing Details
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    CASH DRAWER CADDY,S4000 SERIES- FLAT CAP Call for pricing Details
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    Series 4000 Cash Drawer (Painted Front with Dual Media Slots, Hardwired for Ithaca Printers, 20 Inch x 21 Inch with Coin Roll Storage Till) - Color: Black Call for pricing Details